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Type the CAS number you are looking for suppliers and then click the Search.

Search result will be shown

・ Manufacturers and suppliers will be displayed.
・ For supplier reviews, the number of stars indicates the evaluation status. (★★★ (3) is the highest rating.)
・You can review and evaluate suppliers by clicking “Review” or the suppliers name.

You can request a quote for free to suppliers.

Requesting for price quote is free, so why not get price quotes from the suppliers and compare them!

Reviews and Ratings

From the “Supplier Review” on the e-chemsearch, type the name of the supplier you would like to look up and see the reviews before you actually purchase from them. It will help you enormously to reduce the risk!

Posting a supplier review

  • Anyone who has purchased or used raw materials in the past can freely post a review without login.
  • Sharing your experience with the suppliers will help revitalize the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, so please review!
  • The content of the posted review will be all checked by the e-chemsearch before it is published. Please post constructive reviews.
Please notice that your email will not appear in the review rating. We will only use it to keep track of the number of posts.

About Login

  • By sign in, you can read reviews and download the company information pdf. (Not all the suppliers are reviewed and saved company information.)
  • For suppliers with reviews, they will be displayed on the bottom page while you are sign in.

・ Email address and password are required to sign in. If you would like to issue a password, please send an email through “Registration” or “

・ By sign in, you can read views by other people (only if there is a review on the selecting suppliers.)

・Company information pdf will also be available for download (only if there is a company information pdf).

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